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Air Balloon Documentation

Welcome to the Air Balloon theme documentation. These instructions explain how to configure the theme options and setup the front page template.

Since it is the same procedure for every theme, this tutorial does not explain how to install the theme. If you need help with the theme installation or the upgrade from the free version, please visit the Installation section.

Table of Contents

Configure Theme Options

Air Balloon supports the awesome Theme Customizer. You can configure all theme settings on your WordPress admin panel → Appearance Customize.

Air Balloon adds following sections to the Customizer:

  • Theme Colors (except lite version)
    This section let you choose the font and background colors of various theme elements.
  • Theme Fonts (except lite version)
    Change the text, navigation and title fonts easily in this section.
  • Theme Options
    You can configure some basic layout, header content, post and slider settings here.


Social Icons

Social icons are easy to add with Air Balloon. We simply use custom menus for social icons.


Set up WordPress Features

The theme supports various WordPress features you know:

Set up front page template

If you’d like to have a home page with the business layout like the demo website, follow these detailed instructions:


Create a new static page

Go to Pages → Add New to create a new static page, or edit an existing page. Change the page template of your selected page to the Business Front Page template from the Page Attributes box.


Set Business Front Page Template as Front Page

If you want to use the Business Front Page as your homepage, go to Settings → Reading and set “Front page displays” to “A static page”. From the dropdown menu, select the homepage you created earlier. You can learn more about setting up a front page here.


Configure Front Page Slideshow

Air Balloon supports a big image slideshow on the Business Front Page template which displays all child pages of your homepage.

To set up the slider content, go to Pages Add new and create a new page that should appear in the slider. Change the parent page to your Business Front Page homepage in the Page Attributes metabox. You can learn more about creating child pages here.


Afterwards you should see the page hierarchy on your WordPress admin panel Pages All Pages.


Add Featured Images

The slideshow uses the featured image of your child pages. Therefore the slideshow will look as intended when all your pages have featured images.

Your uploaded featured images should have a minimum image size of 1260×380 pixels in order to look good at any screen size. The slider will show a grey image placeholder in case you haven’t set a featured image.

Activate Slider

Next, activate the slider on the Business Front Page template by checking the “Display Slider on Business Front Page template” box in the Customizer, in the Theme Options section.


Enter Front Page Intro

You can also add an intro text or welcome message in a bigger font below the slider. Therefore enter a manual excerpt to your Business Front Page homepage.


Widget Areas on Business Front Page

After you have created your Business Front Page homepage, go to Appearance → Widgets and set up your Front Page widget areas.

The front page template supports two horizontal widget areas. Both areas have a three column layout. Therefore the front page template works best if you add 3, 6 or 9 widgets to every widget area.


Add Front Page Services Widgets

Air Balloon comes with a unique Front Page Services widget which displays your services with an elegant icon image, but you can also add any other widget you like.



Page Content and latest Posts

Finally, the Business Front Page template can display the normal page content of your homepage and the latest 3 posts (fullwidth layout).

You can activate the page content and latest posts by ticking the relevant checkboxes on the Customizer, in the Theme Options section. You can also add a title above your latest posts.


Demo Setup of Business Front Page

Take a look at this infographic to see the Business Front Page setup of the demo site:


Theme Specifications

  1. The main content column width is 860.
  2. The Featured Images used on posts are 300x200.
  3. The Featured Images used on the Slideshow are 1260x380.
  4. The thumbnails used on the latest post feature on the Business Front Page template are 425x240.
  5. The Custom Header image will display at a maximum width of 1260 and a flexible height (default height = 250).

All measurements in pixels.


Thank you so much for using the Air Balloon WordPress theme.