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zeeFlow Documentation

Welcome to the theme documentation of zeeFlow. These instructions explain how to configure the theme options and setup the front page template.

Since it is the same procedure for every theme, this tutorial does not explain how to install the theme. If you need help with the theme installation or the upgrade from the free version, please visit the Installation section.

Configure Theme Options

You can configure some basic theme options on your WordPress admin panel → Appearance → Theme Options.

  • General Settings
    Your can upload a custom logo image, change som general settings or add custom CSS here.
  • Color Settings
    You can choose the font and background colors of various theme elements.
  • Font Settings
    Change the text, navigation and title fonts easily here.
  • Front Page Settings
    Some settings to configure the slideshow and content of the front page template.
  • Social Media
    Add links to all your favorite social network websites.
  • Ads
    Set up the 125 x 125 pixel banners for the ad widget.

Set up WordPress Features

The theme supports various WordPress features you know:

Set up front page template

If you’d like to have a home page with the magazine-style layout like the demo website, follow these detailed instructions:

Assign front page template

There are two ways how you can use the frontpage template of your theme.

1. Frontpage Template Options

The theme comes with an option to automatically display the front page template on the home page of your WordPress website.

You can find this option on your WordPress admin panel Appearance Theme Options Frontpage tab.


Please be aware that this option will override the ‘Front page displays’ settings you have made on Settings Reading.

2. Custom Page Template

You can also use a custom page template to display the front page template rather than the theme options. Therefore you have to create a new static page and change the page template to “Frontpage Template”. You can then set your static page as front page.

Configure Featured Post Slider

The front page template supports a featured post slideshow. In order to set up the slider go to Appearance Theme Options Frontpage tab and check the ‘Show Featured Post Slider?’ option.

There are also some basic settings to configure your slideshow, such as slider animation and slider speed. You can specify which posts are displayed by the ‘Slider Category’ setting and order the posts by date (Show recent posts) or popularity (determined by comments count).


Category Post Boxes

The category post boxes allow you to highlight posts of particular categories on the front page template. There are three different types of category boxes:

  • Posts from Category (horizontal)
  • Posts from Category (boxed)
  • Posts from two Categories (2 columns)

You can set the category post settings on Appearance Theme Options Frontpage tab.


Featured Images

The front page template makes heavy use of featured images as thumbnails. The featured posts slider and all category post boxes will look as intended when your posts have featured images.

If your existing posts have already had featured images, they may look disformed because they do not match the new required sizes for the front page template. In order to fix that you have to regenerate your thumbnails.